Dark Mode for Elementor

Say goodbye to blindingly bright websites and give your users the option to switch to a more comfortable and stylish dark mode

Why Choose Nocturne?

Full control of every Elementor widget. Compatible with all Elementor widgets and elements.


🛠 Customize any Elementor Widget With Ease.

Each Elementor widget has Dark Mode settings allowing full customization flexibility. Give your website a sleek and modern look that is easy on the eyes and perfect for users who prefer a darker color scheme

👩‍💻 Enhance User Experience and Accessibility

Dark mode reduces eye strain and improves readability, providing a more comfortable browsing experience for your users. Dark mode is particularly beneficial for users with visual impairments or sensitivity to bright lights.

🌖 OS Based Color Mode

Enable automatic dark mode for different operating systems to provide a seamless and convenient experience for all users visiting your website.

All Elementor Widgets Are Supported

This landing page has been built using Nocturne Dark Mode plugin. Simply use the toggle in the header to see how it works.

Best Coding Practices
Optimized and Fast
Mobile Friendly

Yes, Nocturne Dark mode works with every popular theme.

Yes, you can configure default colors in Customizer and edit any color in Elementor widgets.

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With Nocturne Dark Mode, you can effortlessly transform your Elementor websites into stunning dark-themed versions.

Get started for free. No complex coding or technical skills required—simply install the plugin and start creating stunning dark designs in minutes